Best Gold IRA Investment Companies

Best Gold IRA Investment Companies

While there are many options available for retirement accounts, a Gold IRA is one of the best. Gold IRAs can be structured to provide a guaranteed income for life while avoiding the common pitfalls of retirement accounts.

Why Should You Invest in a Gold IRA?

The most popular benefits of choosing a gold IRA are eliminating IRS penalties on early withdrawals and protecting assets from creditors. Additionally, you'll have access to your account 24/7, and there are no age restrictions or end dates to investing in this type of IRA.

The more you compare gold IRAs with your current investments, the more it becomes clear that this option could be right for you. Compare the traditional IRA IRS rules with the flexibility and control of a gold IRA to see how this type of retirement account can greatly benefit you and your family.

How is a Gold IRA Different From Traditional IRAs?

Best Gold IRA Investment Companies

A gold IRA is more flexible than traditional IRAs because there are no set withdrawal rules or age limits, making it an excellent option for anyone who wants to invest in retirement but does not want to be bound by restrictions. With other types of IRAs, withdrawals before age 59 ½ incur a 10% early withdrawal tax penalty and any interest or income earned. Additionally, assets from these traditional accounts can be seized should a creditor come after you for unpaid bills.

One of the best benefits of a gold IRA is that there are no set end dates or required minimum distributions (RMD) with this type of retirement account. You can choose to have your gold IRA structured in a way that will provide you with a lifetime income.

With other types of IRAs, the IRS requires that you begin making withdrawals from your account when you reach age 70 ½. Traditional IRAs also require that you withdraw funds annually whether or not you need them. Still, should you fail to do so, they will be penalized by having their taxes taken out immediately and a 10% penalty applied.

The flexibility of a gold IRA lets you decide how you want to withdraw your funds when you want to withdraw them, and even the amount. Compare these options with any traditional IRA, and it's clear that a gold IRA is the better choice for anyone who wants to secure their financial future.

Gold IRA custodians play a crucial role in the investment of gold IRAs. They must be familiar with the gold market and understand precious metals and investments. This article recommends the top five companies that offer the best products and services concerning a Gold IRA.

Best Gold IRA Investment Companies


#1. Goldco

#1. Goldco


Goldco has provided gold IRA custodial services since 2006. This financial institution understands the precious metals market and the value of gold and silver to retirement accounts.

With Goldco, you can choose how you want to invest. You'll find a range of products designed to streamline your IRA funds management. One of the great benefits provided by Goldco is that they are not just a broker or an investment advisor – they are a fully qualified custodian with accounts being held under the self-directed IRA LLC structure.

Every investor will have an account registered in their name, giving them complete control over their funds. Goldco partners with top private banks to secure the most liquid gold and silver accounts, unlike other gold IRA custodians. You'll find options ranging from bars to coins, allowing you to select the best option.

You'll also find great benefits when it comes to taxes, including reduced capital gains tax and no early withdrawal penalty. This means you can invest in high-quality gold without the risk of being penalized by the IRS. Goldco is fully ISO 9001 certified, which means that they are using best practices to ensure your precious metals are protected.

At Goldco, you'll find expert investment advice. This means all customers will have access to a rigorous due diligence process regarding the financial sector and gold IRA options. Goldco understands that this is important because investing can be confusing.

The company offers its customers the flexibility to customize their plans and provide personalized recommendations. With this type of investment account, you can choose to have your investments work towards just one goal, such as retirement goals or for a specific child's education fund.

Goldco also produces monthly reports detailing the status of your main IRA account, which makes it easy for you to keep track of your investments and make adjustments if necessary. The company also offers an IRA product called a "Get Gold" IRA. This type of account is unique because you can order your gold and silver from any financial institution, not just Goldco.

You'll receive a 9% discount on all orders processed through the website and then transfer the funds to your Goldco account for storage.


  • Great customer reviews: Goldco has been in business for ten years and still has some of the best ratings among IRA custodians. This is a sign that the company is offering an adequate service – as long as you know what to expect, you will be satisfied with your purchase.
  • Originally founded by precious metal investors: The founders of Goldco are precious metals investors. This means they understand the value of gold and silver in IRAs. They also understand what customers need when it comes to storage, so you can expect them to provide those services at a high level of quality.
  • Dedicated IRA experts: Goldco does not work with other products, such as stocks or bonds.
  • Great experience with rollovers: Goldco has been one of the most popular IRA custodians because of their expertise in rolling over traditional retirement accounts into gold IRAs. The company's website features a wealth of information on this subject and is among the best places to begin searching for documents related to rolling over an IRA.


  • High minimum investment: The minimum investment for gold IRAs is $25,000, and you must be 18 years old or older to have one of these accounts.

Why We Chose It

Goldco has been in business for a long time and has maintained a good reputation among IRA investors. The company offers IRA custodial services, which means they are qualified to receive, hold and administer accounts according to the IRS guidelines. Also, it has simplified the IRA investment process to make things easier for customers who want to invest their retirement funds in gold through the precious metals market.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is among the most popular companies that offer gold IRA custodial services. This company has been in business since 2012 and has a proven track record of helping clients with their investments, which makes it a solid choice.

Augusta Precious Metals is known for being extremely flexible. The company is a full-service IRA custodian providing customers with many different options. The company has a history of providing clients with gold IRAs, and they understand how important it is to provide customers with the best options available.

The company has a superb reputation among IRA investors, and many reputable financial institutions accept their gold IRAs. Your account can access any transfer, including in-house transfers, rollovers, and public market purchases for selling on the secondary market. You can choose how you want to invest, either by using one of the company's trusts to purchase precious metals with a deposit of $500 or by having funds transferred directly from your checking account.

You can also use a self-directed IRA LLC to invest as you please. The company is also fully compliant with IRS rules, so you can rest assured that your precious metals will be properly shielded from taxes. In addition to its flexible policies, Augusta Precious Metals offers its clients a wide variety of precious metals.

Augusta has low prices. This makes it a great choice if you're looking to invest as much as possible in your IRA while using every dollar efficiently.


  • Great reviews: Augusta Precious Metals has an excellent reputation and a history of excellent customer service. This is the kind of company that can make the IRA process easy and simple for you.
  • Low prices: One of the reasons why people love Augusta Precious Metals is because it offers low costs. You'll be able to maximize your investment dollar, which means you'll have more money to spend later in life when you retire.
  • Reliable reputation: The company has been featured in many publications, including Money Magazine. This makes it easy for investors to trust this company with their investments.
  • Professional team: Augusta Precious Metals has a well-trained staff that offers a wealth of knowledge to clients and helps them manage their gold IRA accounts.


  • Premium coins have a higher markup: Augusta Precious Metals charges more for orders of gold and silver coins. This means that you will have to pay more for every coin you buy through this company than you would if you were buying directly from the mint.

Why We Chose It

Augusta Precious Metals offers a direct gold IRA investment service. This company has high ratings among IRA investors, including high marks for customer service, which means your precious metals will be properly protected, and you'll have minimal issues with your account.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold is among the top gold IRA providers in the United States. The company has been in business since 2015 and has quickly grown to become one of the most popular options for IRA investments.

American Hartford Gold offers customers a variety of precious metals through which they can choose to invest their retirement funds. The company provides a great deal of information about each investment it makes available, which lets clients make better-informed decisions about how they want to manage their accounts.

American Hartford does not sell its products; instead, it serves as a broker for clients who want to purchase precious metals on the secondary market or from mints. The company has a very low price and is affordable for IRA investors who want to invest as much as possible in their retirement funds.

The company has a great reputation among IRA clients, which means you can trust your account with this company. American Hartford is a full-service IRA custodian that offers clients an option to open an IRA LLC through a private placement.

The company also offers various gold IRA retirement plans for people who want to convert different types of assets into IRA gold contracts. The prices are low, which makes it a great choice if you want to roll over an IRA and invest in precious metals.


  • Best deals: American Hartford Gold is known for its low prices and has excellent deals available only to clients who prefer buying gold in bulk. This company has even lower prices than the competition, which means you can buy as much as possible without worrying about how much you will spend.
  • Low broker markups: American Hartford charges low markups on its accounting and commissions for clients who invest in precious metals through this company. This makes it very affordable for IRA investors who want to maximize the value of their investments.
  • Multiple investment options: American Hartford Gold offers its customers an array of investments, including silver and gold coins, bullion bars, rounds, and numismatic coins.
  • Easy access to information: The company provides easy access to all of its important information through the customer portal on its website. This makes it easy for you to make informed decisions about your precious metals investments without browsing through numerous files and documents.


  • Lack of products: No platinum or palladium products listed.

Why We Chose It

American Hartford Gold has a strong reputation among IRA investors, making it a good choice if you want to invest confidently. The company has low prices that allow you to maximize your investments for the future.

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group is a precious metal IRA company based out of Burbank, California. The company was founded in 2003 and offers services to clients who want to put their retirement funds into physical gold and silver instead of paper products such as annuities.

The company has a flexible pricing system that allows you to buy as much or as little gold or silver as you want at whatever price you want to pay. In addition, the company allows you to buy precious metals in different sizes, which gives your investment some flexibility in case the value of your gold or silver increases over time.

The company has a simple platform through which you can invest your precious metals IRA. Once you've rolled your IRA into a gold or silver account, all you have to do is fund it, and you can start investing in gold or silver coins as soon as the company receives your payment.

Birch Gold Group offers IRA customers a great deal of information about their precious metals investments through the customer portal on its website. This makes it easy for clients to read characterizing and performance reports on your purchased coins.

The minimum investment at Birch Gold is $ 10,000, which is among the lowest investment amounts in the industry. This makes it possible for IRA investors of all sizes to invest in precious metals.


  • Simple platform: The company's website has an easy-to-use interface that makes investing in gold and silver easy. If you're an investor with limited financial knowledge, this can be a great way to get started without worrying about navigating through complicated menus or technical jargon.
  • Easy access to information: Birch Gold Group provides client access to detailed pricing reports on the bullion coins through the customer portal on its website. This allows you to see the actual price at which your precious metals were purchased, so you can properly manage your investments and understand their market performance.
  • Excellent customer service: The company's customer service agents are helpful and work with clients to resolve any issues.


  • The pricing is not transparent: To purchase precious metals, you must first deposit money into your Birch Gold account. This makes it possible for the company to offer its clients higher prices than other companies to earn a commission on your investment.

Why We Chose It

Birch Gold Group is one of the few precious metal IRA companies that has earned a strong reputation in the industry, which means you can trust your retirement account with this company. The company's low fees make it affordable for IRA investors who want to invest as much or as little as they want per month.

Birch Gold Group also offers an attractive discount on gold and silver coins that can be bought at a very low price compared to other metals.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold is an American precious metals IRA company founded in 2017 and operates from its offices in Los Angeles. The company allows IRA clients to invest in precious metals without having to pay taxes on their investments.

Noble Gold allows you to invest a large amount of money into precious metals, which increases your ability to gain more control over the value of your investment. The company's pricing model is flexible and allows you to purchase as much or as little account as you want at whatever price you want per ounce.

The company has a simple platform for IRA investors to deposit their retirement money into a gold bullion account. Once your IRA is deposited, you can start investing in gold coins and other precious metals purchased at wholesale price.

Noble Gold provides IRA investors excellent customer service to help them manage their precious metals investments. The company has an award-winning customer service department that promptly answers client questions and resolves issues.

Noble Gold offers its customers access to a wide variety of precious metals products from the London Bullion Market Association. This allows you to purchase gold and silver coins and bars at competitive prices that can be customized for your specific investment needs.


  • Gold purchase options: The company's flexible pricing model allows you to purchase gold and silver coins in different forms and sizes. This means you can choose whatever you need to buy at whatever price. You can also use the company's excellent over-the-counter (OTC) finance options to buy gold at market rates or sell it on the markets.
  • Low fees: The company's low fees allow you to maximize your investments without worrying about paying excessive broker mark-ups and commissions.
  • Fast customer service: Noble Gold's customer service representatives are available 24/7 and work with clients to resolve any issues.
  • Great website: The company provides investors with an easy-to-use interface that makes managing your precious metals IRA easy.


  • High minimums: The company's minimum investment amounts are high. You must meet a minimum of $5000 to invest in the company.

Why We Chose It

The Noble Gold team is very knowledgeable about the precious metals industry and has worked hard to set itself apart from other IRA companies. This allows you to trust your retirement account with this company without having to worry about contributing money only to have it lose value. The low fees make it affordable for IRA investors of all sizes.


Why do people diversify their portfolios with precious metals?

Precious metals are an exceptionally safe investment. Many people choose precious metals because of their value and consider them a smart investment for retirement.

The value of precious metals is tied to their demand and supply. If you want to diversify your portfolio of investments by adding some long-term safe investments, precious metals can be an excellent addition to your portfolio.

Can I buy physical Gold for my IRA?

You can purchase physical Gold for your IRA, but the process is quite complicated. The company that holds your precious metals IRA plan must handle the physical storage of your metal. This means they will have to pay a third-party custodian to store the metal on your behalf.

What does the custodian do?

The custodian is a third-party company responsible for storing and managing your precious physical metals.